Peterbrough Coach Company

We have two main services and these fall under the headings of Peterborough Minibus and also under Peterborough Coach Company Hire. We can offer these services together and also separately as well. The coach service falls under the region of sixteen people and over and the normal minibus hire service is for people in the region of eight to fourteen.

We feel that it is very important for our team of customer service providers to help you make the right decision by giving you as much information as possible and ensuring that the transaction is carried out as smooth as possible. Ultimately the decision is that of the customer and our aim to initially help you make the right decision.

One of the key words we promote to our staff is the need to look at the specific needs of the customer. This is for example where there is a small group of people travelling but they have a great deal of luggage. This is possibly where there is airport journeys and also journeys to sports centres. Here the best source of transport could be a minibus instead of a coach as a minibus has vast open space inside and will also work out cheaper, but as effective as hiring a coach.