Day Trips

Peterborough will always be associated with the passage way to the city of London form East Anglia. However I think it is fair to say that the city should be considered in its own right as well. There is plenty to do during the day and this includes shopping and visiting the galleries and museums.

For shopping the main venue is the Queensgate Shopping Centre. This has many shops and they cannot all be mentioned in one sitting. The shops include BHS, Jack and Jones, H&M, John Lewis and many more. The centre is open 7 days a week and there is vast onsite parking as disabled facilities. After a day of shopping you can enjoy the range of restaurants which range from McDonalds to Love Juice. River gate Shopping Centre as well as well as the City Market are the other shopping areas.

Long-Thorpe Theatre is one of the key attractions when it comes to galleries and museums. It displays some of the most prestigious collections of paintings around and is open on a regular basis with the entry fee being around £4 or less.

Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery is also ideal to visit and also has a vast collection of material on offer which has been maintained since 1968.