Corporate Events

Corporate Events

There are plenty of conference venues in Peterborough as well as many locations for meetings, team building events and commercial tenders.

The City Club can offer its services for conference and they provide you with details of suites available as well as giving options for a complete package. It has two main rooms and can cater for up to one hundred people. Lunch, dinner and supper options can also be provided.

An excellent option for conferences includes the Cresset which is near a premier location and can house up to eight hundred people. Some of the facilities include wireless technology, licence bar, catering services and massive car parking spaces. It has many rooms which include the Sovereign Hall, various galleries and Milton rooms. They have a massive online menu which includes breakfast, hot buffet and salad meals.

Deaf Blind UK has a venue in Peterborough which also has a conference centre. This centre is a ten minute drive to the city centre and can accommodate up to two hundred people.

Eco Innovation Centre is an accessible and user friendly place where conferences can be held and they offer IT support, telephone conferencing, reception area, free tea, digital handsets and secretary services, all at excellent rates.